Book Formatting

Formatting Prices

Ebook Only: $200*
Print Only: $200*
Ebook and Print: $250*

*Applies to books up to 75,000 words in length. Add $1.00 per additional 1000 words.

book formattingBook Formatting

As an indie author, you need professional book formatting. A good design shouldn’t just look nice. It should be readable and shouldn’t distract the reader from the most important thing—the story! So, book formatting is key. I will design an interior for your print book and ebook that is both pleasing to the eye and appropriate for the subject.

I can even work with you to tweak the print book’s page count up or down slightly so that it fits within genre standards while still looking fantastic.

To check out an interior that I have designed, “Look Inside” Harriers on Amazon.


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