Structural Editing

What Is Structural Editing?

Structural editing (also called substantive editing or developmental editing) is big-picture editing. In a structural edit, I take a look at the manuscript as whole and analyze its potential as a successful and engaging story. Are the characters realistic and relatable? Does the plot have giant holes? Does the story make readers want to keep turning the page? Are you guilty of head hopping—constantly jumping from one character’s point of view to another? What is really working? What is really not?

When I have finished going through your book, I put all of my notes and tangible suggestions together for you in a thorough editorial letter, which you can use as a guide to make your own revisions to the story, depending on what works for you.

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I consider structural editing on a case-by-case basis only. Structural editing requires a heavier investment in the manuscript than other types of editing, multiple reads, and more knowledge about what is expected in each genre. Because of this, I accept only those manuscripts for which I am confident that I can meet all of these criteria.

Favored genres are fantasy, paranormal romance, romance, mystery/detective, and other speculative fiction niches.

Please contact me, and I’ll be happy to discuss your novel with you.

Structural Editing Referrals

If your book doesn’t fit within my wheelhouse for this type of editing and if you wish, I will gladly refer you to another editor that may offer a better fit.

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