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Why Hire Someone When You Can Do It All Yourself?

Congratulations! You’ve finished your first draft (hopefully your second or third) ! You’re at the point in your indie author journey where you know you’re finally ready to collaborate and get your book out into the world.

But you don’t want to just shove it out there. You know that you need to bring your book to the world in the right way—with the help of a professional collaborator (or three)!

A publishing team, with the author at the head, makes for excellent books. (Photo compliments of rawpixel / Pixabay)

I’m a big proponent of self-publishing, but we can learn something from traditional publishing. Books produced by publishers big and small are published by teams, teams that include editorial experts, production and design experts, and marketing experts.

If you want to create a professional product, you need to build a professional team. As a publishing expert with over 20 years of experience in the industry from working in publishing houses and as a freelance professional, I can be an invaluable member of your team.

What’s the best part of building your team? You get more time to write!

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More Benefits of Hiring Me as a Member of Your Team

1. As an editor, I’ll help you not only improve your book but also become a better writer.

That means I’ll tell you why specific edits need to be made. I’ll back up those reasons with resources and make myself available to answer your questions. If you take this feedback as an opportunity for growth, the potential for your improvement as a writer is amazing!

2. You get an objective, experienced set of eyes to look at your story.

Not every reader has the critical eye a trained professional can bring to your work. I bring the knowledge I’ve gained through over two decades in the industry, knowledge about the writing craft, design, and the self-publishing industry, to every single project.

3. You’re investing in your future as an author.

A cleaner manuscript, a striking cover, a comfortable layout, and a better told story lead to better reviews. Better reviews lead to more sales, and better sales lead to more income.

4. I won’t change your voice.

Instead, I’ll help you develop and strengthen your voice with a critical eye and the information you need to know about industry and genre standards.

5. I care about your book and its life after publishing almost as much as you.

Hiring an editor is not just not just a one-time payout. It’s an investment in your author career. (Photo compliments of nattanan23 / Pixabay)

When you hire me, my goal is to use my expertise to help you shape your work into something that not only aligns with your vision but also fits into the ever-changing publishing marketplace.

I want your book to be the best it can be because it reflects my skill as well as yours. For me, it’s a very personal investment. After all, my living depends on it!

6. You’ll be hiring a writing and publishing nerd who happens to be an indie author herself.

Despite decades in the business, I still spend my free time reading, listening to podcasts, and watching videos about writing, design, and publishing, and you reap the benefits of everything I’ve learned.

As an author, I’ve been through the struggles of drafting, redrafting, revising, self-editing, and working with an editor.

I’ve learned how to self-publish through various platforms and what tweaks need to be made to smoothly turn a Word file into an ePub or Mobi ebook.

I’ve had to figure what covers work well with what genres (and which ones don’t!).

And you, once again, reap all the benefits of my hours of study and practice!

Janell E. Robisch, author, editor, designer, cover designer, book designer, consultant7. You get the know-how of someone with long-standing professional experience applied to your book.

I learned to typeset (format text) and edit in a professional environment in a traditional publishing house before I went on to bring that experience to my freelance business, which I’ve been running full-time since 2000.

8. I want you to be happy so you’ll hire me again and recommend me to your friends.

That means I’ll answer all of your questions within reasonable limits and work with you to make your text flow, your formatting elegant, and your cover gorgeous.

Any doubt about that commitment? Check out my testimonials page!

Happy Author = Happy Editor. (Photo compliments of JESHOOTS / Pixabay)




I work on many different genres and types of books, but I specialize in speculative fiction (fantasy, science fiction, and paranormal romance), romance of all types, and mystery because those are the genres I am most widely read in.

My breadth of reading and editing experience translates into better advice and skills for you and your book.

Thanks so much for stopping by. I can’t wait to talk with you about your book.

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