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Editing Services

As an editor, I am here to help you get your story or novel into the kind of shape that you feel good about and that you are proud to share with the world. If you have a problem with your book or writing or feel that others might react negatively to some aspect of it, I can help you on several levels from basic story structure to grammar and punctuation. See What Kind of Editing Do You Need for more details.

I specialize in the following genres but will consider editing any genre if the story and the relationship are right, as you can see from my portfolio:

  • Fantasy
  • Urban Fantasy
  • Paranormal Romance
  • Science Fiction
  • Science Fiction Romance
  • Mystery
  • Suspense
  • Police Procedural
  • Romance (all variations)
  • LGBT Romance
  • LBGT Fantasy and Science Fiction

Free Sample Edit: Is my style of editing right for you? Find out with a free sample copyedit of 5 pages (1250 words) of your manuscript. Send me anywhere from 50 pages to your complete novel manuscript, and I will pick a representative 5 pages to edit—completely free! I’ll also give you a recommendation about what kind of editing I recommend and a free estimate for the entire job.

Send it to me here along with a little bit about yourself and your book.

What Kind of Editing Do You Need?

  • You have a completed draft or a work in progress but are not sure that your structure, content, organization, characterization, plot, point of view, and/or theme work well. (You need a developmental/structural editor.)
  • Alpha or beta readers have reacted unfavorably to your manuscript, but you are not sure how to fix it. (You need a developmental/structural editor.)
  • You have a good story but are worried about consistency, flow, and sentence structure. (You need a line/substantive editor.)
  • You have gotten feedback from a content/developmental editor and have gotten your story in order but want to make sure that any grammar, punctuation, spelling, capitalization, and word choice errors have been addressed. (You need a copyeditor.)
  • Your book is almost finished and has been laid out in ebook or traditional format, but you want to get one more read-through to fix typos and mistakes that might have been missed earlier in the process. (You need a proofreader.)

substantive editing, developmental editing, structural editing

Types of Editing that I Offer (and My Rates)

  • Developmental (Content/Structural) Editing: Addresses issues concerning the content and readability of your manuscript and how well it is likely to be received by potential audiences. (Starting at $0.02 cents per word. Genres and subgenres of fantasy, mystery/suspense, and romance only.
  • Substantive (Line) Editing: Addresses the consistency of elements such as point of view and characterization, style, flow, sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and spelling. (Starting at $0.017 per word.)
  • Copyediting: Addresses issues related to grammar, punctuation, spelling, word choice, capitalization, and so on but does not usually address larger content issues. (Starting at $0.015 per word.) *Because I was trained to perform copyediting alongside line editing, I generally offer a combination service that includes both.
  • Proofreading:* Addresses last-minute, minor errors in areas such as punctuation and spelling after formatting and right before publication. *I do not provide proofreading myself, but I will be happy to give you a referral to one or more editors who provide this service.

Cover Design

When your book is ready to be published, you will need a cover that will stand out, let readers know what your book is about and what genre it fits into, and draw them in. A terrific cover design is essential.

I will work with you to create a beautiful cover that works for your book and fits within your genre of choice.

You provide the essential elements, your ideas, and the synopsis of the story. I take all of that and weave it together into a knockout tableau that will tempt readers to dive right in.

Be sure to check out my cover design and graphic design portfolio.

Starting at $100.00.

Book Formatting/Interior Design

As an indie author, you need professional book formatting. A good design shouldn’t just look nice. It should be readable and shouldn’t distract the reader from the most important thing—the story! Whether you need a print design, an ebook design, or both, I will design an interior for your print book and ebook that is both pleasing to the eye and appropriate for the subject.

I will work with you if there are problems with file conversion for your preferred ebook or print format as well.

To check out an interior that I have designed, “Look Inside” Harriers on Amazon.

Starting at $100.00.

Consulting & Coaching


Need an editor and fellow author’s advice? We can discuss any writing, publishing, or self-publishing topic you’d like. Just shoot me an email or use my contact form to get in touch and tell me what you are looking for.


I also serve indie authors as a consultant with a variety of publishing services, which include but are not limited to:

  • Getting your book online with CreateSpace, KDP, Ingram Spark, and other services.
  • Helping you obtain ISBNs for your book.
  • Getting your book registered with the Library of Congress.
  • Helping you research your self-publishing options

Please contact me to discuss your options.

Starting at $50/hour.

Manuscript Guidelines

For all editing and formatting services, please provide your book to me in one of the following formats according to my manuscript guidelines:

  • Microsoft Word (versions 97 to Microsoft 2010; *.doc or *.docx)
  • Rich text format (*.rtf)
  • Apache Open Office Writer (*.odt)

I do all editing in Microsoft Word. Documents provided in *.doc, *.docx, or *.rtf. will keep their formatting. I will convert Open Office documents to Word format for editing. After editing, I will convert your file back to Open Office, but I cannot promise that certain changes (such as Track Changes markups) will be retained.

I accept only the above file formats, so I cannot accept Scrivener, PDF, handwritten, or other documents for editing or formatting. Please convert these files on your own before sending them to me unless we have come to a special agreement beforehand. Thanks!

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