New Indie-Author-Friendly Pricing Structure

Your budget is unique to you and your book. As a book editor for indie authors, I offer a customizable pricing structure that allows you to get the quality editing you need at a price you can afford.

Copyediting/Line Editing Combo Pricing*

Passes Price Per Word Minimum Price
1 Pass/1 Editor $0.010 $50.00
2 Passes/1 Editor $0.015 $100.00
2 Passes/2 Editors (1 Pass Each) $0.020 $100.00
3 Passes/2 Editors (2 Passes by Main Editor Plus 1 Pass by an Additional Editor) $0.025 $100.00

*Free 500-word sample edit available for copyediting only. Please see my testimonials page for past client feedback. I will happily ask a past client to get in touch with you if you would like to learn more.

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Developmental Editing/Manuscript Evaluation Pricing 

Price Per Word Minimum Price
Comments Directly on the Manuscript Only $0.015 $50.00
Short (<10 pages) Editorial Letter Only $0.025 $100.00
Full Developmental Edit with Comments on the Manuscript Plus Detailed Editorial Letter (10–20 pages) $0.040 $100.00

Cover Design Pricing*

Description Price
Custom Ebook Cover Only $75.00
Custom Wraparound Cover for Paperback Only $100.00
Custom Ebook Plus Paperback $150.00

*See some of my previously designed covers here and  a selection of my premade book covers, available at SelfPubBookCovers.

Interior Book Design/Formatting Pricing*

Description Price
Custom Ebook Formatting (Text Only) $100.00
Custom Print Book Formatting (Text Only) $125.00
Custom Ebook Plus Paperback Formatting (Text Only) $175.00

*Please contact me for a personalized estimate on books with internal art or graphic elements.

Social Media Graphics Pricing

Description Price Per Graphic
One Social Media Graphic (art provided by author) $5.00
One Social Media Graphic (CC0-licensed art obtained by designer)* $10.00

*You provide the words, mood, and any branding colors or fonts, and I will provide the graphic.

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