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Fiction Titles (from most recent)

This is not my complete editing portfolio, only titles that are relevant to the fiction editing side of my business. I also have a thriving academic editing business and have edited a wide variety of publications throughout the years. See more on my LinkedIn profile if you are interested.

The Matriarch Saved: The Hive Book 1 by J. Y. Olmos (Copyediting/Line Editing, science fiction/romance)

The Matriarch Settled: The Hive Book 2 by J. Y. Olmos (Copyediting/Line Editing, science fiction/romance)

The Matriarch Reunited: The Hive Book 3 by J. Y. Olmos (Copyediting/Line Editing, science fiction/romance)

Survival Sacrifices by Theresa Alt (Developmental Editing, dystopian, Christian, new adult)

Harriers by B. Iver Bertelsen (Developmental Editing, Copyediting/Line Editing, Book Formatting, & Cover harriers, clients, bertselsen, sports fictionDesign, sports fiction, coming of age)

Desperate Surrender by Hildie McQueen (Copyediting/Line Editing, paranormal romance)

Memories in Blood by Lee Diogeneia (Partial Beta Read, paranormal fiction)

Dangerous Breed by Elysia Whisler (Beta Read, romance)


Linda Layne, testimonial
Linda M. Layne
It's refreshing to find an editor who also takes the time to educate her clients on the editing and publishing process. Janell goes the extra mile to share valuable insights and experiences in her blog and social media shares. She also has found the time (does she sleep?) to facilitate a writers' group in her hometown, the Skyline Writers' Circle. Her editing skills are top-notch, and she gives "gentle" advice for fine tuning manuscripts for publication. It is a joy to work with her!
Harriers, Bertelsen, book, portfolio, copyediting, formatting, proofreading, cover design
B. Iver Bertelsen
Janell has excellent editing skills. At every stage of the editing process, she was thorough and concise. Her comments and suggestions were clear and right on point.  Janell greatly enhanced the texture and flow of my manuscript, and I very much enjoyed working with her.  I highly recommend her to my fellow authors, published and unpublished.
Lee Diogenia, Memories in Blood
Lee Diogeneia
I really appreciate Janell’s ability to identify world-building details that need to be clarified for the reader. Six beta readers missed those details. This is why you have an editor! I definitely feel like she’s helped me make the MS stronger.
Hildie McQueen, testimonial
Hildie McQueen
Janell Robisch brought my manuscript to life. Her edits and suggestions are always spot on. It’s amazing what she did for my story—taking it from good to great!
elysia whisler, author
Elysia Whisler
Janell Robisch’s editing skills are concise and comprehensive. Her quick, instrumental feedback on my manuscript gave my work the polish it needed to be ready for publishing. I’ll definitely enlist her for my next work.
amy maffei, editor
Amy Maffei
Janell is a thorough, attentive editor with the ability to quickly learn new skills and adjust to workflow changes. She is a team player and is concerned with providing accurate and quality work. She is intelligent, driven, and personable.
James Fraleigh
…Janell quickly developed into a creative, dedicated, and self-reliant production editor unafraid to take on new challenges or learn new technology and techniques—all vital traits for an independent freelance professional. She continues to apply these traits to her freelance writing and copyediting practice across a diverse range of clients and content. Your projects will benefit from her care and expertise, and I’m as happy to recommend Janell as I am to have worked with her.
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