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Titles & Testimonials

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This is not my complete professional portfolio. It includes only titles that are relevant to the fiction editing, book and cover design, and consulting side of my business. I also previously had a thriving academic editing business and have edited a wide variety of publications throughout the years. See more on my LinkedIn profile if you are interested.

Hush Now

by AZ Kelvin

Cozy Mystery

Services Provided: Ebook conversion and formatting.

More Than Marches

by Len Morse


Services Provided: Copyediting.

KT Rising by GW WayneKT Rising
Chronicling a Family’s Lives 2

by GW Wayne

Women’s/Historical Fiction/Epistolary

Services Provided: Developmental editing, copyediting/line editing (through a subcontract with Eats, Shoots, Edits), ebook and paperback book formatting, and ebook and paperback book cover design.

G. W. Wayne
Speculations Editing Services provided me with remarkable skill and professionalism that sculpted and polished my novel, KT Rising, impressively. Janell Robisch presented and executed an efficient schedule from initial review to cover preparation that afforded me that objective, insightful eye every author should welcome. My hook grabs immediately, the flow and logic are expertly tuned, and the conclusion pointedly anticipates my third work in my series about KT Cantori. Ms. Robisch also executed an excellent cover that reflects my main character and her development precisely. I will certainly return to her for my last novel in this trilogy.

I married a Park Ranger and became a Park Wife by Phel JacobsenI married a Park Ranger and became a Park Wife: Hear me, Hear me…

by Phel Jacobsen


Services Provided: Ebook and paperback book formatting and general consulting.

Phel Jacobsen
Little did I know the first afternoon I joined the newly organized meeting of the Skyline division of the Blue Ridge Writers' Group that Janell, the spokesperson, would become a valuable asset to me in the publication of my first book, Park Wife. As an inexperienced author in the wild world of publication, I was led down a path of confusion and inconsideration by an incompetent publisher.  Her pleasant demeanor, her impressive competence, her willingness to advise me and then her fair compensation gave me the lift I needed to rescue my book. I can't thank her enough for the outstanding improvement she accomplished with reformatting my memoir. She did a fantastic job and she did it according to the timeline she provided.  Lisa and I are continually impressed with her formatting skills, her quick eye for errors and her suggestions for areas that could use improvement.  We will readily recommend her to self-publishing authors.  Her knowledge of the publishing industry is not only impressive, but gives the writer a sense of security. She took a heavy weight off the shoulders of an elderly first time author.  Lisa and I can't thank her enough!  We're proud of my book and feel so much more comfortable in accepting the praises that readers are submitting.

Blue Ridge Writers LogoBlue Ridge Writers

Regional Writers Organization

Services Provided: Logo design.

Eats, Shoots, Edits -- Stephanie WardStephanie Ward,
Eats, Shoots, Edits

Editorial Business

Services Provided: Logo and banner design for Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress.

Stephanie Marshall Ward
I decided to rebrand my business, and I hired Janell to create a logo and banners for my website and social media pages. My vision of how this should look wasn't fully formed, yet she took my ideas and created something that matched my vision. She was responsive to all my questions, suggestions, and criticisms, and her enthusiasm and creativity shone through at every stage of the process. She is now my go-to graphic designer.

Time Management for Small Business by Kris WardTime Management for Small Business
Win the Hour, Win the Day

by Kris Ward


Services Provided: Ebook and paperback book formatting and book shepherding.

The Secret of Their Midnight Tears

The Secret of Their Midnight Tears 1

by Austin Gisriel

Historical Fiction/World War II

The Boys We Knew, Austin Gisriel, Janell Robisch, Cover Design The Boys We Knew
The Secret of Their Midnight Tears 2

by Austin Gisriel

Historical Fiction/World War II

I’ll Remember You All

The Secret of Their Midnight Tears 3

by Austin Gisriel

Historical Fiction/World War II

Services Provided: Ebook and paperback book cover design.

Austin Gisriel, The Boys We Knew
Austin Gisriel
Janell Robisch’s cover for my World War II novel, The Boys We Knew, captured its mood perfectly. Janell asked the right questions, provided detailed answers, and was always prompt in communicating with me, qualities that I value even more highly than her outstanding ability as a graphic artist. She worked with me as a person rather than merely turning out a project. I will call on her again without hesitation.

Clean House by Al Berman cover

Clean House: A fairy tale journey moving from squalor to a cleaner and better life

by Al Berman


Services Provided: Ebook formatting.

Lily Bowers and the Uninvited Guest by Jess Lohmann

Lily Bowers and the Uninvited Guest

Lily Bowers #1

by Jess Lohmann

Middle-Grade Fantasy

Services Provided: Developmental editing.

Virtually Kissing Frogs: How to Stay Afloat in the Online Dating Pond
by Julie Willson

Nonfiction/Online Dating

Services Provided: Interior design/formatting for print and ebook and book shepherding.

Julie Willson
Julie Willson
Janell was the perfect match for my first book project! She patiently and diligently answered every single one of my questions, suggested several options for fonts, applied hearts and lilypads as bullets, and found graphics to match my theme. She made sure I was fully satisfied at each phase of the process, even accommodating several late content changes. I especially appreciated Janell’s advice on kerning/spacing and overall layout. To my delight, she was also able to maintain nearly all of the creative formatting and images from the paperback for the eBook-bonus! Her creative design work and value provided far exceeded my expectations. I am happy to refer Janell to others and hope to collaborate with her again in the future!

by Diane Pelz

Contemporary Romance

Services Provided: Developmental/substantive editing (job editorially managed by Romance Refined, with developmental editing by Janell E. Robisch, Speculations Editing Services).

Rachel Daven Skinner
Rachel Daven Skinner
Janell did a fantastic job with this developmental/substantive edit. She presented information in the editorial letter clearly, and I especially appreciated her use of quotes from and links to other sources to support her own input, which established her as a well-versed authority on each subject. The many comments throughout the manuscript honed in on issues big and small to give the author clear direction. I feel like I'm a pretty picky editor, and I don't think I would have done anything different with this edit … I hope we can work together again in the future. [For Dare by Diane Pelz, Editorially managed by Romance Refined, developmental editing by Janell E. Robisch, Speculations Editing Services]

The Matriarch Saved
The Hive, Book 1
by J. Y. Olmos

Science Fiction/Romance

The Matriarch Settled
The Hive, Book 2

by J. Y. Olmos

Science Fiction/Romance

The Matriarch Reunited
The Hive, Book 3

by J. Y. Olmos

Science Fiction/Romance

Lux University
by J. Y. Olmos

Science Fiction/Romance

Property of Conti Enterprises
by J. Y. Olmos

Dark Paranormal Romance

Between Book 1
by J. Y. Olmos

Dark Paranormal Romance

Services Provided: Copyediting/line editing with manuscript evaluation.

J.Y. Olmos
J. Y. Olmos
As a new indie writer, I was unsure of the level of editing I needed on my trilogy. Starting with developmental editing, my fear was trusting someone to make changes without changing the story. Janell immediately put me at ease. Her ability to see inconsistencies in each individual book, as well as the trilogy as a whole, not only helped me to create a more satisfying story but made it a faster, smoother and dare I say, more exciting read.

Survival Sacrifices
by Theresa Alt

Science Fiction/Dystopian/Christian/New Adult Fiction

Services Provided: Developmental editing.

Theresa Alt
Theresa Alt
Janell did an excellent job of identifying areas of my novel that needed improvement, greater detail, or a complete reworking. She provided references to articles supporting her comments and offering greater detail to help me implement her recommendations. I appreciated the fact that her editing services included the opportunity to ask questions to get further clarification of her feedback.   Janell did a great job of balancing positive feedback and suggestions for improvement. As I pursue my next writing project, it's helpful for me to know what I am already doing well, in addition to being aware of those areas on which I need to work a little harder.   Janell's editorial process was thorough, and her suggestions detailed and well-supported. She even asked for a copy of the book that preceded this one in the series, so she understood more of the backstory as she was providing her feedback. She wasn't afraid to challenge me to make major changes in the storyline to make the book more compelling.   My science fiction novel, Survival Sacrifices, is much more engaging because of the developmental editing services I received from Speculations Editing. Thanks so much for your help!

harriers, clients, bertselsen, sports fictionHarriers
by B. Iver Bertelsen

Sports Fiction/Coming of Age Fiction

Services Provided: Developmental editing, copyediting/line editing, book formatting, cover design, and book shepherding.

B. Iver Bertelsen
B. Iver Bertelsen
Janell has excellent editing skills. At every stage of the editing process, she was thorough and concise. Her comments and suggestions were clear and right on point.  Janell greatly enhanced the texture and flow of my manuscript, and I very much enjoyed working with her.  I highly recommend her to my fellow authors, published and unpublished.

Desperate Surrender
by Hildie McQueen

Paranormal Romance

Services Provided: Copyediting/line editing.

Hildie McQueen, testimonial
Hildie McQueen
Janell Robisch brought my manuscript to life. Her edits and suggestions are always spot on. It’s amazing what she did for my story—taking it from good to great!

Memories in Blood
by Diogeneia

Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance

Services Provided: Partial beta read. 

Lee Diogenia, Memories in Blood
Lee Diogeneia
I really appreciate Janell’s ability to identify world-building details that need to be clarified for the reader. Six beta readers missed those details. This is why you have an editor! I definitely feel like she’s helped me make the MS stronger.

Dangerous Breed
by Elysia Whisler

Contemporary Romance

Services Provided: Beta read.

elysia whisler, author
Elysia Whisler
Janell Robisch’s editing skills are concise and comprehensive. Her quick, instrumental feedback on my manuscript gave my work the polish it needed to be ready for publishing. I’ll definitely enlist her for my next work.

Other Testimonials

Linda Layne, testimonial
Linda M. Layne
It's refreshing to find an editor who also takes the time to educate her clients on the editing and publishing process. Janell goes the extra mile to share valuable insights and experiences in her blog and social media shares. She also has found the time (does she sleep?) to facilitate a writers' group in her hometown, the Skyline Writers' Circle. Her editing skills are top-notch, and she gives "gentle" advice for fine tuning manuscripts for publication. It is a joy to work with her!

amy maffei, editor
Private: Amy Maffei
Janell is a thorough, attentive editor with the ability to quickly learn new skills and adjust to workflow changes. She is a team player and is concerned with providing accurate and quality work. She is intelligent, driven, and personable.

Private: James Fraleigh
Your projects will benefit from her care and expertise, and I’m as happy to recommend Janell as I am to have worked with her.

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