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Month: November 2015

Why Does Editing Cost So Much?

So, you’ve finally finished your book. You are almost ready to self-publish or maybe send it to an agent or publishing house. You’ve decided that it would be a good idea to have it professionally copyedited first. (I will stick to copyediting in this case for the sake of example,…


SUNDAY REBLOG: This Itch of Writing: How to Present Your Manuscript

How to format your manuscript for an agent or editor so that it won’t be tossed away on sight…in other words, how to use the industry standard to let people know that you mean business. Source: This Itch of Writing: the blog: You will never annoy anyone if you present…

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Wordless Wednesday: Photo Writing Prompt 1

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Editors versus Beta Readers

I recently listened to a podcast about beta readers on The Journeyman Writer at Storywonk. It got me thinking about the differences between beta readers and editors and why a lot of writers think that they don’t need an editor when they have beta readers. Certainly, there will be writers…

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Wordless Wednesday: Fiction Editing Resources

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