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Author: Janell E. Robisch

Wordless Wednesday: Building a Blog

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8 Things to Do Before and After Sending Your Book to Your Editor

So your manuscript is finally done? Or maybe you have written the first few chapters and need some help with the rest? What you need is an editor. When you are ready to contact one, here are some things to consider before (and after) you send your precious “baby” off…

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The Process of Copyediting Fiction

I want to take you through the process of copyediting fiction. In the traditional life of a manuscript, this is one of the last types of editing that it will go through. The structure, plot, and characterization of the story at this point should have been finalized. This happens during…

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Welcome to Speculations Editing Services! I am so glad that you came by. I’m very excited to be venturing out on this new part of my career. In a way, it feels like coming home to an old friend. First, you should know that when you hire me, you are…

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