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Category: Sunday Reblog

Taking Risks in Your Writing: “Really Going There”—Writer Unboxed

Today’s reblog comes from Annie Neugebauer at Writer Unboxed. In this post, she explores how “really going there” allows us as writers to get the most out of our writing by taking risks and “letting it all hang out.” Because I am also an editor, this is hard for me…

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No Conflict Between Characters—Helping Writers Become Authors

Today’s reblog comes from K. M. Weiland over at Helping Writers Become Authors. She covers why a lack of conflict leads to an ineffective scene and then goes on to tell you what you can do to fix a no-conflict scene with basic tips on scene structure that can makeover…

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Give Readers Engaging Fiction — The Editor’s Blog

How can writers make sure that their readers read their stories all the way through to the end? What makes a story engaging enough that your audience will keep turning those pages? Why do readers stop reading 10 pages or 10 chapters into a novel? In today’s reblog, Beth Hill…

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5 Ways to Find A Writing Community — Blots & Plots

Community. We all know how much of a difference it can make. This week, I am featuring an important post from Jenny Bravo of Blots & Plots. She provides some good tips on how to find like-minded people on your writing journey, both virtually and in person. I found this…

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Plotting “What Happens Next?”: Sunday Reblog

When you are plotting your book, there are going to be times when you are stuck, when you are not sure what should happen next. This week’s Sunday Reblog ties into my last post on Moving Forward When You (or Your Characters) Are Stuck. This article from Janice Hardy at…

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