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Wanted: Guest Bloggers on Genre Fiction Craft and Self-Publishing

Update, November 2020: I am not accepting guest posts at this time.

Are you a writer and an expert on a certain area of writing fiction, self-publishing, or author promotion? Then I want you!

guest bloggers wanted
KraeheMicha / Pixabay

I am now accepting guest posts for Wordy Speculations. This blog is the companion blog to my business website, Speculations Editing Services, which currently gets 500 to 900 visits per month.

As an editor, I offer editing and publishing services to independent authors of speculative fiction, mystery, and romance, so I would love to see posts on writing craft, self-publishing, and marketing aimed at these niches. I will also accept book reviews relevant to these areas.

My own past posts have focused on resources for writers (including book and software reviews), editing (of course), steps for getting your manuscript ready for publication, and self-publishing.

More Information

If you would like to propose a guest post, please send me a proposal via my contact form with the subject of the post, a sample of your writing or a link to your own blog, and the approximate length of the piece you would like to write.

Final posts should be 500 words or longer, depending on the subject area. I may ask you to lengthen or shorten the piece.

If your blog post is accepted, I would be happy to return the favor and write a guest post for your blog on a mutually agreed upon topic in one of my own areas of expertise. Ask away!

One More Note

Once a post has been accepted, it may be edited for grammar and punctuation because—what can I say—I am an editor, and I want my blog to be as error-free as possible (harder said than done, by the way). You will have a chance to review edits on your post before it goes live.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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