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A Useful Four-Act Murder Mystery Structure – John P. Murphy

This is a great piece describing a four-act, two-body plot structure for murder mystery novels.

I’ve talked about this before, here and elsewhere, and never really laid it out. I decided it would be useful to have it here as a reference, so here goes. There are many variants on murder m…

Source: A Useful Four-Act Murder Mystery Structure – John P. Murphy

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Mystery Writing Prompt 1

writng prompt, wednesday writing prompt

On Wednesdays, I will be bringing you writing prompts from different genres: romance, mystery, fantasy, urban fantasy, paranormal romance, etc.

Change anything you like, but get to writing. Even if it doesn’t develop into a full story or novel, save it because you never know when you might use something from this little exercise!

WRITING PROMPT: A precocious homeschooled teen discovers a body behind the community center where he attends a weekly co-op. He doesn’t report it to his parents or the police.

Feel free to share a summary or synopsis of the final results!


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