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Month: March 2017

Need an Editor? Maybe Not

Do you need an editor? As an editor myself, I’m going to take a risk today and talk about some reasons that an indie author just might not need an editor after all. Hiring an editor can certainly have several benefits for self-published authors: The right developmental editor will make…

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11 Rules for Your Critique Group

A critique group can be an invaluable resource for any writer. I was a member of a great one for the past year and a half and recently set up a set of critique groups for the new writers’ group that I am facilitating. My last group worked so well…

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Balancing Pantsing and Plotting: Part 2

If you missed part 1, find it here. As I mentioned in the last post, finding a balance between pantsing and plotting was elusive and frustrating. So, I decided to take off my pants. Taking Off My Pants Well, not exactly, but I did read Libbie Hawker’s ebook, Take Off…

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Balancing Pantsing and Plotting: Part 1

Pantsing and Plotting: A Never-Ending Debate Pantsing (also known as discovery writing): Flying by the seat of your pants while writing, letting the stories and the characters come to you as you go. Plotting (also known as outlining): Planning the details of your book—the plot, the structure, the characters, the…

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